Weekly Bulletin

21 July 2019

Welcome! Thank you for joining us today. 


Today – We welcome our good friends, Archie & Gwen Davis, Logistics Coordinators for Operation Christmas Child, who will share the Christmas in July Celebration with us.

Today – All-Staff Planning Meeting following Worship. Lunch provided.

Tuesday – Social Media team meeting at 6:30 pm.

Next Sunday - 4th Sunday Fellowship Lunch. Let’s come to the table together. Please bring a side dish.

Next Sunday – There will be a Wild Kingdom teachers’ meeting prior to the lunch in the Green Room.

August 23 – Let’s go to see the new movie “Overcomer”! Sheila Moore will be at the Guest Connections desk. Please sign up so that we may purchase tickets.

October 11-13 – We’re travelling to the Ark & Creation Museum. Information and Sign up at Guest Connections! See Pam Kaiser.

Weekly Home Groups

Our current Home Groups:


      McKeel - Monday at 6:30 pm; 111 Carraway Dr., Beaufort.  "Gospel of John"

      Keefe - Wednesday at 6:30 pm; 2561 Lennoxville Rd., Beaufort.  "Gospel of John"

Morehead City:

      Willis - Wednesday at 6:30 pm; 3705 Oxford Ct., MHC. “Gospel of Mark”

      Infusion Café - Thursday at 8:00am; 1012 Arendell St, MHC.  "Waking the Dead"

      Humphrey – Monday at 6:00pm; 3616 Country Club Rd, MHC. "Gospel of John"


      Doshier - Wednesday at 6:30pm; 847 Nine Foot Rd, Newport; “The Common Rule”

      Stratton - Wednesday at 6:30 pm111 Gracelyn Ln. Newport. “Crazy Love”.

Hwy 24:

      Kaiser - Sunday at 5:00 pm; 219 Island View Dr., Newport; "Gospel of John"

Honeymooners Club – At the church. Friday at 7:00 pm; “Forgotten God”

Marriage Matters – At the church. 1st Sundays at 4:00 pm; Marital Relationships.